The Best Wheelchair To Buy


Choosing the best wheelchair can be a daunting task especially for first-time buyers. This is because of the availability of a wide variety of different brands on the market today. For this reason, you need to consider some important features that your wheelchair needs to have to meet all your requirements. The Best Wheelchair to buy should come with some of the following functions:


fgfhdhdSometimes your doctor may advise you concerning an ideal weight for your wheelchair, but in most cases, it is your responsibility to decide an ideal weight that you can handle comfortably. However, lightweight chairs are more desirable for most people because they are easy to maneuver and carry around easily. If a lightweight wheelchair is not ideal for you for whatever reason, you can go for power chairs that are electrically driven. Additionally, you can also choose to buy a sports wheelchair.

Seat Height

The standard seat height is 20 to 21 inches. This height is suitable for people who are 5 feet tall and above. If your height is below 5 inches, you will always find it hard to exit the wheelchair, which means that you will have to look for one with a shorter seat.

Seat Depth

The depth of a wheelchair is measured from the front of the chair to its back. To get the correct seat depth for your wheelchair, you need to measure from the back of your pelvis to the back of your chin, when sitting straight.


There are two types of armrests: full length and desk length. Full-length arms are designed to provide extra arm support, while desk length arms are designed for easier reach to desks and tables. They are also other options that you can choose from, including movable arms and flip-back.

Leg Rests

There are two types of leg rest styles: elevating and swing away.

Elevating leg rests come with a calf pad, which is designed to raise the legs to prevent swelling.

-Swingaway leg rests designed to rotate to the sides to allow you to get in or out of your wheelchair easily.

Dual Axle

gthtfA dual axle wheelchair allows you to adjust the chair from standard height to what is referred to as the Hemi-height (a height that is about 2’’ lower than standard height). On the other hand, hemi height allows you to propel the wheelchair with your feet. Also, it allows the height of the seat to be lowered to make it easier for users who are below 5 feet to use the wheelchair.

Adjustable Backrest

Some brands of wheelchairs come with an adjustable backrest height that is designed to allow for more comfort to the user. It is ideal for users who are taller or shorter than average.

Even before thinking of where to buy your wheelchair, or which particular model is your most favorite, it is crucial to consult with your doctor or occupational therapist. This will help you find out the most suitable type of wheelchair for your particular condition.